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True Blood Stamps

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Community Rules
1. No flaming, insulting or trolling.
2. You must become a member before you can post.
3. You do NOT have to be stamped to vote.
4. Applications MUST be behind an lj-cut.
5. Cosplaying IS allowed, but please try to have atleast one normal photo.
6. If you REALLY do not like who you have been stamped as, you are allowed TWO other re-stamps.
7. Contact a mod if you have any questions or issues.
8. To show you've read the rules, please put 'We sell True Blood' in the subject line.

Voting Rules

1. Please BOLD all votes!
2. Once you have 5 or more votes, you will be stamped by the majority vote.
3. Again, no flaming, insulting or trolling!


Regular Stamps

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